New important browser extension release

Last week, we have released a very important browser extension release, if you are using Google Chrome, make sure to manually update to this version (4.1.4).

-> Update Now

If you are using Microsoft Edge, the update will take another week, as it's currently under review.

These are some of the features and improvements we have introduced:

See the full profile from the extension

If you add a profile individually, you will note a new view is opened, here you can see all profile data and metadata, directly from the browser extension:

From this view, it's easier to see all emails and phones found when adding a profile and copy them directly with one click.

Autodetect contacts that are part of your SalesQL account

If you are browsing search results or seeing LinkedIn profiles individually, the extension will now detect if any of the search results are part of your SalesQL account and show all the details immediately.

From here, you can access the full profile data, just clicking on the name.

Read the lead status directly from search results

In combination with the feature described above (autodetect contacts), you can now also see and change the lead status directly from any search results, on recently or previously added contacts.

Add profiles from a list of LinkedIn URLs

This is an important feature, that allows you to import data from other systems or spreadsheets, and to make sure to have the last version of these profiles and the right contact information.

Add profiles from Recruiter and RPS pipelines pages

We have made some improvements in Linkedin Recruiter, Recruiter Lite and RPS to correctly support pipelines pages:

That's all for now, if you have any feedback or any suggestions about this version please let us know 😄 we are always working to make your experience better.