Introducing Folders: a Better Way to Organize Contacts

Today we are releasing a new version of our Browser Extension (v4.4.1), which supports adding contacts into folders by default.

You have also probably noticed that "Projects" are now called "Tags." The rationale behind this is that moving contacts into folders is the primary way to keep your contacts organized while assigning tags allows you to classify them inside a folder.

From now you can choose the destination folder for adding your contacts by selecting it above the profile list in the Browser Extension:

Why we are doing these new introductions

Organizing contacts into folders has several advantages. Here are some:

  • A contact can only exist in one folder and not in multiple folders simultaneously. Therefore duplicated contacts are not possible.
  • Listing, saving, and exporting contacts is now much faster than doing it by tags, especially if you manage thousands of contacts.
  • Creating folders is the best approach to start a fresh new project because this avoids mixing your new contacts with older ones in the same place. That was not possible by only using tags.
  • Assigning and filtering by tags can still be used seamlessly simultaneously with folders, thus can be a more powerful way to organize your contacts.

How to convert tags into folders

If you've previously saved contacts into tags, and you want to start organizing them into folders, we have written a Help Article covering this topic: "How to move from tags to folders."

So no worries. You can always perform a bulk update of contacts to start working seamlessly with folders.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.