Full Contact View on the contact list and Lead Status

This week we have released two important features, full contact views on the contact list, and the ability to track the lead status on contacts.

Full contact view

Now if you click on any name in the contact list, you will be able to access the full profile view:

This view is more suitable to access data that is hard to show on a table, like about, job functions details, etc. It allows you to quickly access all the data and metadata related to a contact, and soon we will add more information like activity related to this contact.

Lead Status

There is a new field in the contact list called "Lead Status", this field can be used to track what is the status of each specific lead in your list, and in the future will be tied to automatic triggers that could happen on your social or email activity.

You can always change this status individually or in bulk by selecting more than one contact. Soon this field will be also incorporated into the Browser Extension.

More improvements added in this release

Some other improvements added to this release:

  • New support widget for easily browsing tutorials and contacting support
  • Members of a team are now allowed to leave it directly from the team dashboard, without having to contact the team administrator
  • Aesthetic improvements on the contact list, now the header is fixed, and we have increased the viewport to be able to show more contacts
  • Export settings are now automatically matching the active contact list view
  • Several small improvements on the signup and onboarding process