Black Friday Sale is Open - Get 30% Off for 12 Months!

🎉 We are happy to announce that our Black Friday Sale is live and will run from 26 to 30 November. 

Get 30% off our product for a whole year by using our promo code BLACKFRIDAY when purchasing your next subscription. 

SalesQL Black Friday 2021

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Seize the opportunity and get even more value from your LinkedIn prospecting.

(use code: BLACKFRIDAY)

Black Friday 2021 Promotion Q&A  

How can I use the discount code?

Just enter the promo code BLACKFRIDAY when purchasing a subscription.

Can I use the promo code for all kinds of subscriptions?

Yes, absolutely. You can use it for both monthly and semi-annual subscriptions. The discount will be applied every month until the year is up.

Does the discount code expire?

Yes, you have until 30 November to apply it.

Can I use the code multiple times?

No, you can only use it once.