Contact list: Emails are editable and notes shown directly

This week we introduced a couple of interesting changes, the most important one is that now you can edit, add and remove emails from the contact list:

Emails edited or added are automatically verified on the fly, so after some minutes you should see if they are valid, invalid, or unverifiable.

We have also introduced a little change to show the notes directly instead of a count of the number of notes, something several users have asked in our customer research interviews.

New website and new integration: Zoho CRM

Last week we have released a new website for SalesQL 🏄 

One of the reasons for this change is that now our frontend application and our front website are two separate entities, this way we can optimize it and perform releases independently without the constraints of being part of the same system. 

New Zoho CRM Integration

We have also released a native integration for Zoho CRM, one of the most popular free CRMs, so now you can send leads in real-time to Zoho, and then convert those leads to contacts inside the Zoho platform when you are ready.

New important browser extension release

Last week, we have released a very important browser extension release, if you are using Google Chrome, make sure to manually update to this version (4.1.4).

-> Update Now

If you are using Microsoft Edge, the update will take another week, as it's currently under review.

These are some of the features and improvements we have introduced:

See the full profile from the extension

If you add a profile individually, you will note a new view is opened, here you can see all profile data and metadata, directly from the browser extension:

From this view, it's easier to see all emails and phones found when adding a profile and copy them directly with one click.

Autodetect contacts that are part of your SalesQL account

If you are browsing search results or seeing LinkedIn profiles individually, the extension will now detect if any of the search results are part of your SalesQL account and show all the details immediately.

From here, you can access the full profile data, just clicking on the name.

Read the lead status directly from search results

In combination with the feature described above (autodetect contacts), you can now also see and change the lead status directly from any search results, on recently or previously added contacts.

Add profiles from a list of LinkedIn URLs

This is an important feature, that allows you to import data from other systems or spreadsheets, and to make sure to have the last version of these profiles and the right contact information.

Add profiles from Recruiter and RPS pipelines pages

We have made some improvements in Linkedin Recruiter, Recruiter Lite and RPS to correctly support pipelines pages:

That's all for now, if you have any feedback or any suggestions about this version please let us know 😄 we are always working to make your experience better.

Full Contact View on the contact list and Lead Status

This week we have released two important features, full contact views on the contact list, and the ability to track the lead status on contacts.

Full contact view

Now if you click on any name in the contact list, you will be able to access the full profile view:

This view is more suitable to access data that is hard to show on a table, like about, job functions details, etc. It allows you to quickly access all the data and metadata related to a contact, and soon we will add more information like activity related to this contact.

Lead Status

There is a new field in the contact list called "Lead Status", this field can be used to track what is the status of each specific lead in your list, and in the future will be tied to automatic triggers that could happen on your social or email activity.

You can always change this status individually or in bulk by selecting more than one contact. Soon this field will be also incorporated into the Browser Extension.

More improvements added in this release

Some other improvements added to this release:

  • New support widget for easily browsing tutorials and contacting support
  • Members of a team are now allowed to leave it directly from the team dashboard, without having to contact the team administrator
  • Aesthetic improvements on the contact list, now the header is fixed, and we have increased the viewport to be able to show more contacts
  • Export settings are now automatically matching the active contact list view
  • Several small improvements on the signup and onboarding process

New Design for Contacts Table and Advanced Filters by Date

This week we have released an important redesign of the contact's table, there are a lot of small improvements to make our interface more compact and concise, but the main improvements are in the email and phone table cells:

Now you are able to choose in which order do you prefer to see emails ("work first" or "personal first"), and you can save these changes to the active view.

If you choose to use work emails first, SalesQL will automatically pick the email that is most relevant for the contact, normally the email belonging to the contact main position, marked as "Main Work".

We have also introduced another important feature for using advanced filters by date:

You can now build powerful search combinations with date fields as "is blank", "is not", etc.

XLSX Support, Faster Exports and More

This week we have released some interesting improvements to SalesQL:

  • Moved from XLS to XLSX in exports, now supporting up to a million rows
  • Improved the speed of exporting data, which now takes seconds in most cases, instead of minutes or hours
  • We have fixed the way cities and states are extracted and processed from LinkedIn profiles, this is something several users have been reporting recently
  • Added infinite pagination to filters, which allows seeing all the exposed options
  • Improved the data exported for education
  • And several small fixes to improve the quality and experience of SalesQL

"Add Pages" Now Working on Linkedin Recruiter Lite and Corporate

We are happy to announce that one of our most requested features is now live, the ability to add multiple pages from Linkedin Recruiter search results:

This allows you to save time when you are interested in getting the whole results from Linkedin Recruiter search pages, it has been tested on Linkedin Recruiter Lite and Linkedin Recruiter Corporate.

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