Improved the speed of the whole system

We are aware that in the last weeks the overall performance of SalesQL has been partially degraded, this is part of a transition to a new infrastructure, more reliable and fault-tolerant.

While working in this transition, we identified the causes of this issue and today we made some changes to ensure everyone can have the best speed when searching for contacts, exporting data, adding new contacts, etc.

We will continue working on improving our infrastructure while ensuring that does not affect your experience.

Thanks for understanding and being patient 😊 

New option to avoid double adding contacts to projects

This week we have released a new version of the Browser Extension (4.0.4), which includes an option to avoid double adding contacts to different projects, and including contacts in two outbound campaigns by mistake:

There are also some improvements in our extension and the webapp:

  • Several fixes in the Hubspot integration
  • Fixes in the extension when filtering by the school on LinkedIn
  • Increased the speed of filtering by projects on millions of contacts

New view wizard and lot of improvements and fixes

This week we have launched a small wizard for creating new views in the contact list, to let you know that you can set up different views for different kind of activities:

The main differentiation is the columns picked and emails/phones sorting, but you can customize views as you want, for example, excluding email types that are not relevant for you.

In addition, there are dozens of other small improvements including:

  • Fixes in the project filter that sometimes got broken filtering by more projects than the ones shown
  • An important fix when processing a profile that has changed a position from one company to another (edited the same position)
  • Improvements in "Assign to a teammate" individually and in bulk
  • Fix in Hubspot when trying to integrate with no projects in your dashboard
  • More performance improvements on the contact list queries
  • Other small improvements and fixes

Security Improvements, New Export UI, and More

This week we have released some important security improvements, as during the last weeks we have been receiving very sophisticated brute force attacks, using thousands of IPs (probably a botnet) on some of our public endpoints, between other threats.

So you don't have to worry as we have a DevOps and security team monitoring our tech stack 24/7 in order to find any anomaly in bad login attempts, internal APIs usage, latencies, etc.

We have also published a new UI for exporting data:

And performed an important fix when sorting the emails by type (work or personal first).

Sorting Data From Columns Headers and More

This week we have made a lot of small improvements in the contact list, the most noticeable is that now you can sort the columns data (when available) directly from the column header:

We have been also working on fixing the differences in validation status between the extension and the dashboard.

There are a lot of small style improvements on the contact list, and soon there are going to be more settings regarding email order, the kind of emails to show, more space to show more rows, etc.

Have a great end of the week!

Views Autosave and More Improvements in the Contact List

Yesterday we have released another iteration of changes and improvements over the contact list, now views are saved automatically after altering columns, sorting data, or changing the email settings.

We have also incorporated an advance filter for projects, which allows you to exclude projects from the results and avoid exporting the same people twice:

We have written a help article explaining how it works and how to avoid exporting the same contacts twice.

Lots of Fixes and Improvements (@hotmail Emails, Export's Duplicates, Team Management and Reports, Etc)

After being delayed, we have finally released a new version of our system, this release includes a lot of small fixes and improvements in our dashboard and data processing, some of them are:

  • Fixed an important issue when validating emails, most of these emails were incorrectly flagged as invalid, we have retroactively resolved the problem, so you will see more Hotmail emails in your contacts.
  • Improved the export process to prevent duplicates, some users were reporting a lot of duplicates in big exports (+30k contacts), this has been fixed, there are still a few duplicates shown we are investigating.
  • Fixed the transactions report on the team page, which were showing incorrect results in some old paid customers
  • Increased the speed of processing profiles, this is a really important fix to prevent any overload in our queues systems which were producing delayed results when searching for emails during some peak hours
  • Fixes in team management, when leaving or joining a new team
  • Added a new filter for the contact's updated date
  • Fixed the filter for created date
  • Fixes when deleting contacts and adding them again
  • And dozens of small improvements and fixes

Better Tabs and Columns Management

This week we have released some improvements on how unsaved changes are shown and saved in the contact list:

There is a new button for "Save Changes" and if you switch tabs, the changes are not lost (unless you reload the entire browser window), there is also an option to discard the changes from the current view.

We have also improved the design of some dropdowns including the "Organise columns" section:

Fixes When Extracting Multiple Pages Under Recruiter Accounts

Today we have released a new version of the chrome extension (2.3.4) which fixes some issues when extracting multiple pages of LinkedIn search results under LinkedIn Recruiter and RPS:

This version is more stable and more transparent if unexpectedly something goes wrong during a bulk job, so you can start it again.

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