Black Friday Sale is here! - Get 25% off all semi-annual plans

🎉 We are happy to announce that our Black Friday Sale is live and will run from 25 to 30 November 2022.

Get 25% off any 6-month plan for a whole year by using our promo code BLACKFRIDAY22 when purchasing your next subscription.

Get my 25% off for 12 months

👉 Use the promo code at checkout 👈

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Seize the opportunity and get even more value from your LinkedIn prospecting.

📣 Black Friday 2022 Promotion Q&A 📣 

▪ Can I use the promo code for all kinds of plans?

No, the promo code is only valid for semi-annual (6-month) plans. Please, check the Black Friday 2022 Terms and Conditions.

▪ How can I benefit from the discount for 12 months?

Once you use the promo code for purchasing a 6-month subscription plan simply allow the subscription to be renewed after 6 months. Since renewals are automatic, please make sure you have a valid payment method by that time.

In other words, the discount will be applied every billing cycle until the year is up.

▪ How can I use the discount code?

In case you are a SalesQL user, just enter the promo code when purchasing your 6-month subscription. Otherwise, if you don't have a SalesQL account, sign up first and head to the Subscriptions and Billing section to purchase a plan (or click the button "Ge my 25% off for 12 months" above).

▪ Does the promo code expire?

Yes, you have until 30 November to use it.

▪ Can I use the code multiple times?

No, you can only use it once.

▪ Can I keep the discount if I cancel or downgrade my plan?

No, the discount is tied to your subscription therefore, if you downgrade or cancel your subscription you'll lose your discount.

Some advanced filters are disabled, working on improving speed & stability

This week we have temporarily disabled some of the advanced filters in the contact list including:

  • Emails
  • Phones
  • Skills
  • Past companies
  • Education

The reason is that as our company grows, we are having more and more customers managing millions of contacts, and some of these filters were not working correctly at this scale, so we decided to disable them temporarily in order to improve the way they work.

We are working to improve the overall speed of the platform and at the same time trying to reduce the impact of some queries that are pretty expensive to our systems.

We hope you understand and we will let you know when these features are enabled again.