XLSX Support, Faster Exports and More

This week we have released some interesting improvements to SalesQL:

  • Moved from XLS to XLSX in exports, now supporting up to a million rows
  • Improved the speed of exporting data, which now takes seconds in most cases, instead of minutes or hours
  • We have fixed the way cities and states are extracted and processed from LinkedIn profiles, this is something several users have been reporting recently
  • Added infinite pagination to filters, which allows seeing all the exposed options
  • Improved the data exported for education
  • And several small fixes to improve the quality and experience of SalesQL

"Add Pages" Now Working on Linkedin Recruiter Lite and Corporate

We are happy to announce that one of our most requested features is now live, the ability to add multiple pages from Linkedin Recruiter search results:

This allows you to save time when you are interested in getting the whole results from Linkedin Recruiter search pages, it has been tested on Linkedin Recruiter Lite and Linkedin Recruiter Corporate.

New Account Management Pages

This week we have released some important changes, including changing the dashboard layout and adding new pages for managing your account details.

Some operations as editing your profile picture or resetting your account data are now one click away:

There is also a new section for managing billing details as editing your billing information, changing the default payment method, downloading invoices, etc: