Black Friday Sale is here! - Get 25% off all semi-annual plans

🎉 We are happy to announce that our Black Friday Sale is live and will run from 25 to 30 November 2022.

Get 25% off any 6-month plan for a whole year by using our promo code BLACKFRIDAY22 when purchasing your next subscription.

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📣 Black Friday 2022 Promotion Q&A 📣 

▪ Can I use the promo code for all kinds of plans?

No, the promo code is only valid for semi-annual (6-month) plans. Please, check the Black Friday 2022 Terms and Conditions.

▪ How can I benefit from the discount for 12 months?

Once you use the promo code for purchasing a 6-month subscription plan simply allow the subscription to be renewed after 6 months. Since renewals are automatic, please make sure you have a valid payment method by that time.

In other words, the discount will be applied every billing cycle until the year is up.

▪ How can I use the discount code?

In case you are a SalesQL user, just enter the promo code when purchasing your 6-month subscription. Otherwise, if you don't have a SalesQL account, sign up first and head to the Subscriptions and Billing section to purchase a plan (or click the button "Ge my 25% off for 12 months" above).

▪ Does the promo code expire?

Yes, you have until 30 November to use it.

▪ Can I use the code multiple times?

No, you can only use it once.

▪ Can I keep the discount if I cancel or downgrade my plan?

No, the discount is tied to your subscription therefore, if you downgrade or cancel your subscription you'll lose your discount.

Introducing Starred Folders and the Protected Folder

A few days ago, we released new features for enhancing your workflow on the SalesQL dashboard. 

From now you can highlight your favorite folders by starring them hence you will be able to find them easily without having to scroll down the folder list.

Your favorite folders are located right below the Protected Folder.

Protected Folder

The Protected Folder is located at the top of the folders list and can't be deleted. 

You can use this folder as an intermediate work folder to add contacts before moving them to other folders or to send them via integration to third-party products, especially when working in a team.

Starring folders

To favorite a folder, mouse over any folder, and a star icon will appear on the right side. Then click on the star, and the folder will move to the top of the list.

You can star as many folders as you want.

Moreover, you can also star a folder when viewing its contents by clicking on the star right to the folder's name at the top of the page.

Starred folders are a per-user setting, so if you are in a team, your teammates won't see your starred folders.

Finally, if you want to unhighlight a starred folder, click again on the star icon, and it will move to its previous place in the list.

If you have any questions, our support team will be happy to help.

Introducing Folders: a Better Way to Organize Contacts

Today we are releasing a new version of our Browser Extension (v4.4.1), which supports adding contacts into folders by default.

You have also probably noticed that "Projects" are now called "Tags." The rationale behind this is that moving contacts into folders is the primary way to keep your contacts organized while assigning tags allows you to classify them inside a folder.

From now you can choose the destination folder for adding your contacts by selecting it above the profile list in the Browser Extension:

Why we are doing these new introductions

Organizing contacts into folders has several advantages. Here are some:

  • A contact can only exist in one folder and not in multiple folders simultaneously. Therefore duplicated contacts are not possible.
  • Listing, saving, and exporting contacts is now much faster than doing it by tags, especially if you manage thousands of contacts.
  • Creating folders is the best approach to start a fresh new project because this avoids mixing your new contacts with older ones in the same place. That was not possible by only using tags.
  • Assigning and filtering by tags can still be used seamlessly simultaneously with folders, thus can be a more powerful way to organize your contacts.

How to convert tags into folders

If you've previously saved contacts into tags, and you want to start organizing them into folders, we have written a Help Article covering this topic: "How to move from tags to folders."

So no worries. You can always perform a bulk update of contacts to start working seamlessly with folders.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.

Zapier is now live

We are pleased to announce that Zapier has been officially launched, you can install it from the SalesQL dashboard:

and start creating all the Zaps you need:

Soon we will start adding templates with examples of the most popular app integrations.

Why Zapier?

Zapier allows you to integrate your SalesQL contacts in real-time with hundreds of third-party apps, mapping the data fields in any way you prefer, and having a nice dashboard to see if all contacts are integrating seamlessly or there are issues you need to resolve. It allows you to quickly send your contacts to any specific app you use for productivity, outreach and/or contact management as most popular tools are already integrated with it.

Contact list: Emails are editable and notes shown directly

This week we introduced a couple of interesting changes, the most important one is that now you can edit, add and remove emails from the contact list:

Emails edited or added are automatically verified on the fly, so after some minutes you should see if they are valid, invalid, or unverifiable.

We have also introduced a little change to show the notes directly instead of a count of the number of notes, something several users have asked in our customer research interviews.

Improved the speed of the whole system

We are aware that in the last weeks the overall performance of SalesQL has been partially degraded, this is part of a transition to a new infrastructure, more reliable and fault-tolerant.

While working in this transition, we identified the causes of this issue and today we made some changes to ensure everyone can have the best speed when searching for contacts, exporting data, adding new contacts, etc.

We will continue working on improving our infrastructure while ensuring that does not affect your experience.

Thanks for understanding and being patient 😊 

New website and new integration: Zoho CRM

Last week we have released a new website for SalesQL 🏄 

One of the reasons for this change is that now our frontend application and our front website are two separate entities, this way we can optimize it and perform releases independently without the constraints of being part of the same system. 

New Zoho CRM Integration

We have also released a native integration for Zoho CRM, one of the most popular free CRMs, so now you can send leads in real-time to Zoho, and then convert those leads to contacts inside the Zoho platform when you are ready.

New important browser extension release

Last week, we have released a very important browser extension release, if you are using Google Chrome, make sure to manually update to this version (4.1.4).

-> Update Now

If you are using Microsoft Edge, the update will take another week, as it's currently under review.

These are some of the features and improvements we have introduced:

See the full profile from the extension

If you add a profile individually, you will note a new view is opened, here you can see all profile data and metadata, directly from the browser extension:

From this view, it's easier to see all emails and phones found when adding a profile and copy them directly with one click.

Autodetect contacts that are part of your SalesQL account

If you are browsing search results or seeing LinkedIn profiles individually, the extension will now detect if any of the search results are part of your SalesQL account and show all the details immediately.

From here, you can access the full profile data, just clicking on the name.

Read the lead status directly from search results

In combination with the feature described above (autodetect contacts), you can now also see and change the lead status directly from any search results, on recently or previously added contacts.

Add profiles from a list of LinkedIn URLs

This is an important feature, that allows you to import data from other systems or spreadsheets, and to make sure to have the last version of these profiles and the right contact information.

Add profiles from Recruiter and RPS pipelines pages

We have made some improvements in Linkedin Recruiter, Recruiter Lite and RPS to correctly support pipelines pages:

That's all for now, if you have any feedback or any suggestions about this version please let us know 😄 we are always working to make your experience better.

New option to avoid double adding contacts to projects

This week we have released a new version of the Browser Extension (4.0.4), which includes an option to avoid double adding contacts to different projects, and including contacts in two outbound campaigns by mistake:

There are also some improvements in our extension and the webapp:

  • Several fixes in the Hubspot integration
  • Fixes in the extension when filtering by the school on LinkedIn
  • Increased the speed of filtering by projects on millions of contacts

New view wizard and lot of improvements and fixes

This week we have launched a small wizard for creating new views in the contact list, to let you know that you can set up different views for different kind of activities:

The main differentiation is the columns picked and emails/phones sorting, but you can customize views as you want, for example, excluding email types that are not relevant for you.

In addition, there are dozens of other small improvements including:

  • Fixes in the project filter that sometimes got broken filtering by more projects than the ones shown
  • An important fix when processing a profile that has changed a position from one company to another (edited the same position)
  • Improvements in "Assign to a teammate" individually and in bulk
  • Fix in Hubspot when trying to integrate with no projects in your dashboard
  • More performance improvements on the contact list queries
  • Other small improvements and fixes
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